About Us

About Us

Short story about our business

Adventures Aviation is a full service General Aviation Maintenance and Repair Facility located at Solberg Airport (N51) in Central New Jersey.  With decades of experience in the Aviation Maintenance Industry we are equipped to service many different makes and models.

With multiple staff holding Inspection Authorization (IA) Certifications we’re able to get you back in the air quickly, efficiently, and with minimum cost to Aircraft Operators.

We hold a niche in the industry for our experience with Experimental Turbine powered aircraft included the Evolution and Epic LT models. 

Composite airframes are another one of our specialties with experience in modification and repair in various models.

Adventures Aviation prides itself on being able to handle whatever your General Aviation needs are from an oil or tire change, to avionics installs, to airframe structural repair all while providing the Top Tier level of personalized service you expect and deserve.

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